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Le Monde Culinaire created in 2018 by Ingridhe BRONCHAIN, to share with you her culinary passion through her travels, her recipes, her favorites and encounters. Pastry chef, Cake Designer, consultant on Lake Geneva. It will allow you to realize your most incredible dreams.

Hello and welcome.

My name is Ingridhe, I live in Haute Savoie, I was born in Brazil in the city of Rio De Janeiro and I come from a Brazilian and Swiss family. I grew up in a warm family cocoon, my mother being in gastronomy from generation to generation, is a real cordon bleu, she taught me everything as well in family cooking and baking and this from a very young age. So very early on I fell into the pot because we received a lot at home. I was passionate about dishes and pastries, spice mixes, pink berry flavors and lime flavors that allow me to translate my aspirations and my art through my confections.

At 25 I passed my pastry diploma at the Hotel School of Thonon-Les-Bains, which brought me a taste for excellence and surpassing myself. Always animated by the same passion, I wanted to set up this site and especially my production laboratory specializing in artisanal pastry and Cake Design for a long time in order to share with you my passion and my favorites. I would try to transmit my know-how to you through your future confections and my desire to share unique creations for each of my clients.

I want to thank my family and especially my wonderful husband without whom I would not have embarked on this incredible adventure.

Enjoy your visit to My Magic World.


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